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providing reliable information and growing our clients' business

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actionable that facilitate decision-making

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Excellence and methodological rigory rigor metodológico

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We are a leading market research company in the region. We accompany our clients in the search for information and in the generation of insights that add value to their business.

What do we do?

We provide solutions that provide actionable insights and reliable answers.


• Studies of habits and attitudes (U & A)
• Segmentation Studies
• Consumer Portrait
• Detection / Generation Insights
• Ethnography online & offline


• Image and Positioning Studies
• Brand Audit
• Architecture Equity
• Brand Extension
• Brand Tracking
• Concept Test


• Pre and post advertising test
• C&R Test
• Semiological studies
• Ad tracking
• Promotion evaluation


• Blind Product Test
• Branded Product Test
• Sensory Research

Packaging & price

• Visual Identity Analysis
• Packaging evaluation
• Price Sensitivity Model
• Price Trade off

Consumer experience

• Customer Satisfaction
• Consumer Journey
• Shopper Trip
• Shopper understanding

We transform accurate data into strategic actions.

How do we do it?

To understand each challenge and solve it efficiently we use the most appropriate techniques and methods.

Contact with users and customers is essential.
We work to listen to what they have to say and also to reveal what they do not say and feel about brands and products. For this reason, our projective exercises analyze non-verbal language.
We work all the techniques in a PRESENTIAL & ONLINE way.

Focus Groups

Through the interaction of the participants, a synergy is generated that allows them to capture experiences, opinions, beliefs and values "live".

Creative Groups

A favorable climate is created for the generation of ideas. Creativity is enhanced in the group interrelation around a stimulus. Consumers are included in the design of a product or service.

Triads / pairs of friends / families

It reproduces the interpersonal dynamics of a group in various situations that affect decision-making, in the determination of the role that each one assumes, and in the confrontations that may arise to discover the underlying feelings and motivations.

In-depth interviews

They provide the opportunity to collect detailed information, unique experiences, and deep insights. They become particularly relevant when interacting with very specific targets, whether they are individual consumers or B2B

Individual tasks

It allows to complement the group interaction with the individual point of view and / or to know the consumer in greater depth before participating in a field work.

We apply the most convenient methods to access the target
adapting to the challenges of each project.

F2F staff

• In Homes
• In Central Location
• Coincidentally in Sample Points


Implementation methodologies:
• CATI with pollster
• IVR system


Programming system for the application of surveys:
• Databases
• Online Panels
• Through social networks

Mystery Shopper

Objective evaluation of a POS or service using a predetermined simulation technique.


Measurement of service quality by means of a processing team that performs basic or sophisticated analyzes. Some of the multivariate analyzes we use are:

• Factor Analysis
• Cluster Analysis
• Discriminant Analysis
• Conjoint Analysis
• Max Diff
• Multiple Trade Off

To adapt to the challenges of each context, we work with mixed tools that combine different methodologies.


We approach the consumer in their daily environment and in their introspection process to listen to them, observe them and analyze their behavior, habits and the way in which they interact.


We analyze what brands "say" through their communications and how they build their identity, their meanings, where they are located and the relationships they establish with the competition.


Through a digital platform we engage with consumer groups that share interests and we work with them over time, synchronously and diachronically to foster an open and continuous dialogue.

Eye Tracking

Through the methodology of eye tracking and Sentiment Analysis, we evaluate online various visual elements such as packaging, notices, commercials, etc.


We are at the forefront with global trends and the use of new technologies in the search for relevant insights

Survey platforms

Platform for the collection of surveys in integrated systems.

Collection platform

Mobile Ethnography, Consumer Diaries
Mystery Shopper.


WEB Report, interactive infographics.

Online panels

Representative Samples,
Online communities.

We work to understand experiences and behaviors.

Who Choose Us?

We have more than 30 years of experience accompanying the most recognized
brands in the different categories.





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Home Care





Applied studies
Qualitative interviews taken with the most diverse targets
Moderate focus group in the region
Categories worked
Quantitative interviews


Ezequiel Coelli

Managing Director
Degree in Tourism with an MBA in Marketing.
Specialist in quantitative techniques.

Provides a strategic view of the client's business and values teamwork combining flexibility, dynamism and enthusiasm

Laura Gil

Qualitative Director
Graduated in Psychology with a postgraduate degree in
Market Research.

Inspire and transmit passion, discipline and empathy to understand customer needs and consumer preferences.

Roberto Migliaccio

Project Director
Specialist in Economics and with training in psychoanalysis and social psychology.
for She stands out for her great work capacity based on her analytical vision and her empathic and charismatic personality.

Beatriz Ocaña

Project Director
Graduate in Statistics and specialist in
Product Test and Trackings.

His perfectionist and creative personality makes his management stand out for its excellence and quality.

We consolidate our presence in Latam through
our Partner Field Agencies